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FACT: 1 In 10 Women Suffer

From the weight gain and hair loss to the acne, facial hair and mood swings – PCOS can leave you with several unwanted symptoms.

But you are NOT alone.

1 in 10 women are diagnosed with PCOS.

And many of those women have been led to believe that PCOS is a life sentence.

Every day, they face the reality and feel at a loss of what to do.

Because PCOS makes it difficult to maintain a healthy weight – no matter how healthy they eat.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.


There IS A Way To Manage Your Weight With PCOS...And It’s Not with a Traditional Diet

An inconvenient truth about PCOS is that you use up fewer calories every day than women without it.

In other words: even if you eat the same foods and do the exact same exercises as your PCOS-free friend, you might actually gain weight while she loses weight.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t do something about it.

Finally...A Breakthrough Diet Template For Women With PCOS

Our world-class team of medical doctors know exactly what works – and what doesn’t – when it comes to managing your weight with PCOS.

While you’ve been wondering when you’ll get your next period, we’ve been distilling volumes of nutritional and medical texts into one simple, foolproof diet that helps you manage your weight with PCOS naturally.

Because PCOS impacts the way the body metabolizes nutrients, you require an adjusted diet approach based on your starting weight.

The PCOS diet templates have been carefully designed to help you achieve your weight loss goals while meeting your special nutritional needs.

PCOS Doesn’t Have To Rule Your Scale (Or Your Confidence) Anymore

The nutritional design of this program helps support healthy weight loss as simply as possible.

You’ll find your diet and lifestyle recommendations easily laid out for you so you can begin to reverse your PCOS-related weight gain naturally.

And you can do that all while eating foods you actually like.

Just like these women have!

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The NEW PCOS Diet Template Is
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Sustain a healthy weight at any age

Stop worrying about stubborn weight gain and plateaus

Improve body composition and get the results they didn’t think was possible with PCOS

Crush weight loss goals and take back control over PCOS

Get real results from a simple diet plan designed by leading experts specifically for women with PCOS

See noticeable results 100% naturally!

A Proven Science-Based Weight Loss Strategy Designed Just for You

When it comes to maintaining your weight with PCOS, you need to meet specific nutritional and caloric requirements.

That’s why we brought together a highly-trained team of medical experts with a passion for changing lives to create a research-based, one-of-a-kind diet for women with PCOS.

When you get RP Health’s New PCOS Diet Template, you get a team of medical experts in your corner.

Our Diets Are Crafted With The Insight And Experience Of:

20 PhDs…

5 Registered Dietitians...

2 Family Physicians…

1 Obesity Specialist Physician…

Our original RP Templates have helped countless clients all over the world to lose weight and improve their lives.

Now, we want to help YOU overcome the odds and achieve the weight loss you’ve been longing for.

Backed By 100% Scientific Research On Maintaining a Healthy Weight With PCOS!

PCOS brings with it many obstacles when it comes to improving body composition and health.

The strategies employed in the diet templates have been consistently shown to decrease body weight while improving body composition.

The PCOS Templates are 100% scientifically developed, leveraging the latest research on PCOS and weight loss.

Not only are we constantly researching and writing about all things weight loss and fat loss, we’re committed to your long-term health as you manage PCOS.

Finally… you can confidently manage your weight with a scientifically developed diet plan optimized for PCOS. 

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What’s Included In Your PCOS Diet Template?

Get instant access to RP Health’s comprehensive diet template in PDF format. Get the benefit of a quick-reference guide to optimal food choices, expert tips and tricks on PCOS and weight loss, and more:

Custom diet templates based on your starting weight

Progressive phases to alter your diet as your body changes and adapts

Built-in diet maintenance plans to help you hold onto the weight loss after the diet ends

A “how-to” guide to ensure you reach your goals by making the most of your template

FAQ section to get answers to common questions about the protocol

Regain Control Over PCOS!

Get our exclusive New PCOS Diet Template to support your weight loss goals.

This transformative diet protocol is everything you need to meet your unique nutritional needs while losing weight and feeling like the best version
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So, You Have Two Choices...

Accept your weight gain as normal… and continue to buy bigger, looser-fitting clothing each year.

Commit to just 12 weeks of following the easy diet template so you can not only transform your body, but also your mood and confidence

So now, let me ask you…

Where do you want to be 12 weeks from now?

These New PCOS Diet Templates are already helping women like you lose weight and start living healthy, vibrant lives in just 12 weeks’ time!

Want to join them?

The choice is yours.

Meet Dr. Spencer and
Dr. Jen Case

Hi,I’m Dr. Spencer Nadolsky, a board-certified family and obesity physician who has helped thousands of patients over the past eight years to lose weight and keep it off. I saw firsthand the inefficiencies of working only in the clinic, so my dream was to help people lose weight via the internet using a combination of personal, one-on-one coaching, diet template guidance, and telemedicine approaches.

And I’m Dr. Jen Case, a Registered Dietitian and former professor of Kinesiology and Nutrition.
I’m one of the coaches here at Renaissance Periodization and I’ve worked with hundreds of clients including women with PCOS, men looking to get stronger, as well as professional athletes ready to improve their performance.

One More Thing...

If you’re NOT ready for change, we’ll be here when you are.

But, if you’re serious about achieving healthy weight loss – and the confidence that goes with it – our New PCOS Diet Templates are proven to help drive results.

This is the only diet plan specifically designed for women diagnosed with PCOS and crafted by a team of weight loss specialists: doctors, nutritionists, PhDs, RDs and obesity specialists.

If you’re ready to transform your body and take back
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you simply can’t afford to
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