Frequently Asked Questions

We don’t give any one type of diet plan. We create a completely customized plan to each person who signs up for our services. Our goal is to find something you will be able to stay consistent with and get the results you want.

If you live in a state we are licensed in, we can prescribe medicines if needed for weight related issues. We cannot prescribe controlled medicines (phentermine, testosterone, etc.) unless you see our physicians in person first.

Medicines we prescribe include non-controlled appetite suppressants, blood sugar and blood pressure medications, and thyroid replacement. We can also modify current medications if needed. For example, most people will need to lower their dose of blood sugar and blood pressure medications, which we can do if we are licensed where you live. Click here to see the states we are licensed in.

If we are not licensed where you live, we can give guidance on what to ask your current physician.

No. We may recommend protein powders to help with meal replacement drinks and some vitamins and minerals, but they are not essential. We do not recommend fat burner supplements.

Technically you don’t NEED to exercise in order to lose weight. The nutrition will be the most important part, but we still recommend exercise. We focus on coaching you through nutrition changes, but we do offer exercise coaching with an additional fee. We also have templates you can follow too if you don’t need coaching..

Most people don’t like dieting. We will help you lose weight in a way that doesn’t feel like another deprivation diet. It’s our job to help you find a way to be successful.

We are available world-wide for nutrition and weight loss coaching. Our in-house medical services are only available in the states we are licensed in. Click here to see that list of states.

The only medicines we cannot prescribe are controlled medicines due to current laws (although that may change in the future). Phentermine and phentermine containing medicines are currently controlled, which means we cannot prescribe them.

Other medicines such as blood sugar and blood pressure medicines we can change and add if needed.

We are able to prescribe if indicated other weight loss medicines such as Contrave (bupropion and naltrexone) and Saxenda (liraglutide).

Testosterone is controlled and we cannot prescribe it.

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Depending on your goals, we have a few options you can choose from.

Medical Nutrition Coaching

Work with a personal coach with doctor and dietitian supervision.

Diet Templates

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